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 How to Take Screenshot in Laptop 


How to take Screenshot in Computer and Laptop

How to take Screenshot in Computer and Laptop

 The computer world is fun.  To make it more fun, it has some hidden functions about which an average user is very less aware.  We are talking about one such fun trick.  Trick to take screenshot in computer.

 You must have taken many screenshots in mobile phone and used them for many things.  Taking a screenshot in a mobile phone is a little easier than on a computer.

 You must have read many tutorials on the internet as well.  in which the computer screen is shown.  They help us to understand our problem quickly.  But have you ever thought?  How are these Screen Shots taken?

 In this tutorial we will tell you how to take Screen Shot in Computer and Laptop.  And that too without any Digital Camera.

 Note:- You should have knowledge of keyboard to do the work.  Because this trick is done through the keyboard itself.  The way to capture computer screen is given below.

 How to take Screenshot in Computer

 Step: #1 Open a Program Window

 Step: #2 Press the PrtScr Button

 Step: #3 Open a Graphic Editor Program

 Step: #4 Edit Screenshot

 Step: #5 Save Screenshot

 Let us now understand this process in detail and know what is the way to take screenshot in computer?

 Step: #1 Open a Program Window

 First of all, open that program window in your computer.  Whose screenshot you want to take.  For example, you want to take a screenshot of the Start Menu.  Then you open the start menu.

 You can also use the desktop screen to learn how to take a screenshot.  By taking a screenshot of the desktop, you will then be able to take a screenshot of any window.

 Step: #2 Press the PrtScr Button

 When you have opened the desired window, after that press the button named “PrtScr” or Print Screen from the keyboard once.  You will find this button above the navigation keys at the top.

 However, it may be located somewhere else on your keyboard.  So, check it out on your keyboard.  And then press it once.


 Step: #3 Open a Graphic Editor Program

 On pressing the PrtScr button, the entire window screen's photo will be taken to your computer.

 But I don't see where it has gone?  This question will definitely come in your mind.

 So you will find this screenshot in the Windows clipboard.  Because, when taking a screenshot in this way, all the screenshots are stored here.

 To see the screenshot, you open a graphic editor program.  Your work will be done comfortably with Photoshop or Paint tool.  Therefore, you should open the paint tool itself.

 Step: #4 Edit Screenshot

 After opening the paint tool, press the Ctrl + V button from the keyboard, as soon as you do this the screenshot will be in front of your eyes.

 Now you can edit it according to your need by showing your creativity on this screenshot.  Whether to reduce its size, add some extra shapes or write any text.

 Remembered from the point of size, the size of the screenshot you take is equal to the desktop resolution.

 As your desktop resolution is set to 1280×720, then the screenshot will also be captured in the same resolution.

 Step: #5 Save Screenshot

 After finishing editing, save this screenshot by giving it a name.  After saving you can use this screenshot anywhere.

 Another way to take screenshot in computer

 Step: #1 Open the Program Window

 First of all, open the program screen of which you want to take photo.  Like you did in the first method.

 Step: #2 Press Windows Logo Key + PrtScr


 Now press the PrtScr button simultaneously with the Windows Logo Key from the keyboard.  Keep in mind that these two buttons have to be pressed simultaneously.

 Your screenshot will be taken as soon as you press these two buttons simultaneously.  And you will also know on the screen that you have taken a screenshot.

 By pressing this keyboard shortcut, the computer screen looks like you have taken a photo with the camera.  Therefore, it is known.

 In the previous method, we do not know that our screenshot has been taken.

 Step: #3 Get Screenshot

 This screenshot will not be available by pressing Ctrl + V.  Because this screenshot is not saved in the clipboard.  Rather, it is saved in a separate folder on the computer.  Which you can find like this.

 Go to My Computer

 go to pictures

 Open the Screenshots folder

 see screenshot


 Step: #4 Edit Screenshot

 If you want to edit this screenshot, then open it in any graphic editor and edit it as you wish.  Like you did in the earlier method.

 Step: #5 Save Screenshot

 Now save this screenshot.  And use anywhere.

 what have you learned?

 In this tutorial, we have told you about a fun and useful computer trick.  You know how to take screenshot in computer?  In the same way, you will be able to capture the laptop screen and take a screenshot of it.

 We hope you will like this computer trick and will prove useful for you.  Do share this great trick with your friends so that they too can learn about how to take screenshot on computer.

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