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    Instagram: Instagram Blackbook

Instagram: Instagram Blackbook: Everything You Need To Know About Instagram For Business and Personal - Ultimate 


What is Instagram and how to run it

 What is Instagram and how to run it, if this question is also arising in your mind, then you have reached the right place because in today's article you will get the answer to every question that arises in your mind about Instagram.

 If you are wondering what is Instagram, how to run it and how to create an account on it, then do not worry because after today this question will never arise in your mind again after reading this article, there is hardly anything like this in Instagram.  Will be what you do not know, so let's do Instagram Review


 What is the meaning of instagram

 First of all, let's know what is the meaning of Instagram, in fact Instagram has been created by adding two words instant + camera = instagram which you can call photo sharing Instagram is created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

 Which was first launched in October 2010 for the iOS operating system ie Apple.  Then two years later Instagram was launched for android mobile.  This app is available in 33 languages.

 what is instagram

 Instagram also comes in the category of social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Every social network site has a different way of working like we can share video on YouTube, similarly we can share photo on Instagram too.  Along with this, we can also share a video of 1-2 minutes on this.

 To connect with someone on Instagram, one has to follow, for that a follow button is given and you can set it according to your wish, in which who can follow you and who can not make their privacy private or public

 On Instagram also you can connect and chatting with your friend like Facebook, but you cannot do live video chatting like Facebook, it is the world's most popular photo sharing website whose popularity is increasing day by day.


 Friends, it is very easy to create an account on Instagram, for this you have to go to Google Play Store and install, this app has been downloaded by 1 billion people so far, which has been given a star rate of 4.5, for this you need a phone number or else.  Requires an email ID on which a one time password (OTP) comes


 After the instagram app is installed, you have to login to it simple, for that you have to login to it with a phone number or Gmail account and after that your Instagram account is created by entering a unique user name as soon as your account is created.  then a screen like this opens

 As soon as you enter in instagram, you see something like this screen, in this mainly 5 options are given, let's know about them.


 1. Home

 Here at the top, along with the photo of your profiles, the profiles of those people you follow, as well as those who upload a new photo or video, their photo and video automatically comes here on which you like comment.  can do

 2. Search

 On clicking the search button, you see photos and videos of those people who are very popular and most viewed videos.

 3. +icon

 If you want to share any video or photo, then you can select any photo or video from your gallery and share it by clicking on the plus icon.

 4. Heart icon

 As shown in the photo above, when you click on the heart icon, you will see a list of people who follow you and the activities performed by them.

 5. Profile

 Number 5 is given of Icon profile, by clicking on which you can enter information about your profiles and here you can see the number of people who follow you and the people you follow, as well as how many photos and videos you can put.  It is also visible that you can also join us on Instagram, hp_jinjholiya type kre or click on it to join us on Instagram.

 I hope now you have understood what is instagram and how it works and you must have got help from it so if you like our article then definitely share it with your friends on social media and if you have any question  If yes then comment us

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