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Physics for Scientists and Engineers and Modern Physics

-> The material in this book covers fundamental topics in classical physics and provides an introduction to modern physics.

 The book is divided into six parts. Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 14) deals with the fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics and the physics of fluids.

 Part 2 (Chapters 15 to 18) covers oscillations, mechanical waves, and sound.

 Part 3 (Chapters 19 to 22) addresses heat and thermodynamics.

 Part 4 (Chapters 23 to 34) treats electricity and magnetism.

 Part 5 (Chapters 35 to 38) covers light and optics.

  Part 6 (Chapters 39 to 46) deals with relativity and modern physics.

 A large number of changes and improvements were made for the Ninth Edition of this text. Some of the new features are based on our experiences and on current trends in science education. 

Other changes were incorporated in response to comments and suggestions offered by users of the Eighth Edition and by reviewers of the manuscript. 

The features listed here represent the major changes in the Ninth Edition. This introductory physics textbook has three main objectives: to provide the student with a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of physics, to strengthen an understanding of the concepts and principles through a broad range of interesting real-world applications, and to develop strong problem-solving skills through an effectively organized approach. 

To meet these objectives, we emphasize well-organized physical arguments and a focused problem-solving strategy. At the same time, we attempt to motivate the student through practical examples that demonstrate the role of physics in other disciplines, including engineering, chemistry, and medicine.

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