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 English Grammar In Use (Raymond Murphy)


 English Grammar mainly provides a simple way to write, read and speak English language, which teaches us to write, read and speak clearly.  Grammar is a set of rules that help the English language convey meaningful expressions to the listener.  
The purpose of English Grammar is to acquaint you with all the rules related to English so that in future there is no doubt about it.   A sentence is grammatically correct only when each part of the sentence is arranged in a systematic way. 
 And it is possible to arrange the sentences in a systematic way only when the knowledge of grammar is available in sufficient quantity.   Therefore, all the important topics related to Grammar have been provided here which can further improve your passion for learning English.
 English grammar is the science that teaches us to read, write and speak a language accurately.  According to the rules, grammar is studied by dividing it into different parts i.e. words, phrases, clauses, sentences and letters, it is called English Grammar.
 In other words, grammar is the method by which a language is taught to read, write and speak accurately.  It is called Grammar.  There are definite rules for writing, reading and speaking any language, which helps in maintaining purity and beauty.

On the basis of words, phrases, clauses, sentences and alphabets, grammar is divided into 5 major categories.  Which describes it in different part.  Knowing English, considers it the most important distinction because it is the most essential part of English Grammar.  which is like this.
Both the definition and types of English grammar reveal the meaning of the language in simple words, how to learn it easily.  By the way, writing, speaking and reading English.
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