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 Screenshot on Mac 

How to take screenshot on mac

Hello friends welcome to PDF Today. Today i am going to talk about how to take a Screenshot on Mac-book. While working on your system sometimes you need to capture the screen so you can save that particular information in the image format.
First of all we will know about the Screenshot. What is Screenshot and how to take it in your PC /or Mac.

What is Screenshot    

                       A Screenshot or Screen Capture is a picture taken from your Computer or Mobile screen which includes some content, information, files, pictures, icons, desktop background etc. If you want to save important information in your computer a screenshot method is an easiest way to save information in image format. Screenshot always capture in Image format so you can’t copy any text.

It is very easy to take Screenshot in Windows Operating System and Mac OS.  Apple gives you some easiest way to save, open and delete screenshot.

Screenshot Shortcuts

                    This keyboard Shortcut is used to capture a full screen Screenshot.

This keyboard Shortcut is used to take screenshot of selected portion of your Mac book Screen.

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