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 What is Civil Engineering and its benefits?


What is Civil Engineering and its benefits


From the time the children start studying in school, their parents and teachers encourage them to make a good career.  Although some parents decide for their children what to study and what to do in future, but nowadays most of the parents leave it to the children that what they like, in which area they have interest, study in that and for that.  Do the job accordingly.  If you want to study in the field of engineering and want to know what is civil engineering.

 And what are its benefits?  So in this post we will try to clear all your doubts related to it.  Although there are many types of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, software, aeronautical etc., but every engineering has its own importance.  Through today's post you will be able to understand what is the work of civil engineering. 

  We see many things around us like refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, cars, bikes, buildings, etc. used in the house, all are wonderful of engineering.  All these things are made in such companies which are manufactured by engineering only. 

 Out of these, houses, bridges, roads are very important in the life of human beings.  Which is a gift of civil engineering itself.  Although no study is easy, but it is not so difficult that it cannot be studied.  You just need to study with a little mind.  

 When children are in high school and become a little wiser, then they also understand what to do after 12th.  But still there are some children who do not know who are these civil engineers.

 How do we study it and what to do after civil engineering.  Another question that comes to the mind of the students is that how much is the salary of a civil engineer.


What is civil engineering

 This is a professional engineering branch, in which the students studying after completing the course become civil engineers. 

 Under this branch of engineering, work is done on the design, construction and maintenance projects of buildings, houses, roads, dams, canals, airports.  That is, how will the design of the house be built in an empty plot, how many rooms will be there, where will the bathroom, kitchen and hall be all this is designed. 

 On the basis of the design, all the required materials like bricks, cement, sand, rebar etc. are procured and the construction work is done.  Civil Engineer has the most important role in fulfilling all these.   Dam, canal, stadium, shopping malls, road, pipeline work is also done in the same way as the house is constructed. 

 Today you will see the cities developing further, in which very good designing and latest construction methods are used.  Traditionally it is also divided into some parts.  

It is considered to be the oldest engineering branch after military engineering and its name civil engineering gives it a different identity from military engineering.  Civil Engg.  It is used in the public sector from municipal to government national work, and in the private sector from individual households to international companies.


 how to become a civil engineer

 Those who want to become a civil engineer have 2 ways in which they are civil engineers.

 After passing 10th Diploma course in Civil Engineering

 When the students pass the 10th exam, then the interested student has to sit in the entrance test conducted by the Technical Education Board of the state government. On the basis of the ranking obtained in the entrance exam, students are selected and then they get admission.  is.  There are also some polytechnique colleges in which admission is given on the basis of class tenth marks.

 After getting admission, the student has to study Diploma in Civil Engineering for 3 years, after which he can join any job as a junior engineer.

 Apart from this, even after becoming a diploma engineer, you can do a degree course in an engineering college.  For this, you have to take admission in the second year in the degree college.

 After 10+2 Diploma in Civil Engineering

 After passing 12th with Science (Phy+Chem+Math) one can sit in IIT entrance exam.  In this, admission is given in B.E according to the merit.  After getting admission, you can do Degree in Civil Engg by joining the degree program for 4 years.

 After successfully completing the degree course of civil engineering, you can join the job of Engineer in government, co-government or private sector.  Apart from this, by passing the Combined Engineering Services exam, one can take a job in the technical post of the Indian government.


 civil engineer salary

 A civil engineer in the private sector can get a salary of 25000 to 35000 in the initial time.  After having some experience, on the basis of experience, you can earn up to 100000 per month in 3-4 years.  Apart from this, a civil engineer can also work freely.

 In cities, you will often see that the work of building big projects is given to builders and contractors.  If you are expert in your work and you are expert in your work according to your talent, then on the basis of that you can get work in these projects.  Apart from this, you can take many types of work by meeting the contractors who build the houses.

 Government sector Civil Engineer is placed in the post of Sub-Division Officer or Assistant Engineer.  Who can go ahead and become the chiefengineer in the future.  Additional allowance is also given to the person working in this post, which also includes housing facility, medical.


 What does a civil engineer do

 Analyse long-term projects, maps, survey reports, and other data to better plan and design the project.

 Consideration of construction cost, compliance with government regulations, environmental damages during the planning and risk analysis stages of the project.

 After the complete preparation of the project, submit the permit application to the local, state, and security department so that the verification is done that it is going on following the rules of the government.

 To see if the foundation is strong or not, take a good look at the test done on the soil.

 Preparation of cost estimation report of expenditure on material, equipment and labor to estimate the economic budget of the project.

 Preparation of plan for use of transportation system, structure and hydraulic system as per government standard and industry on design software.

 Completion and viewing of survey to establish reference point, site layout, building location at the site of construction.

 To manage the maintenance, repair and replacement of public and private infrastructure.


 Advantages of civil engineering

 By becoming a civil engineer, you can do both government and private jobs.  Apart from this, if you want, you can open your own consultancy, from where you will come in contact with many builders and contractors with whom you can work independently as well as give work to some people with you.

 If you become a civil engineer with your own interest, then you feel satisfaction by seeing the houses, bridges, dams, flyovers, buildings, school and college buildings built by you.

 Being an engineer gives you a chance to meet new people and also get a chance to work in new places.  This also increases your circle.

 The people for whom you build a house will remember you for life and will always respect you, this gives you great pleasure in doing your work and also encourages you to work with honesty.

 In this, as you become experienced then your salary increases in the job and if you do freelance work then there is no compulsion of retirement in it.

 The person you are in this is visible in front of the people and everyday life of people is affected by it.  Like if you build a road and it is durable then people will see your work with their own eyes and appreciate you.

 There is a lot of opportunity for creativity in this.  If you have a creative mind then you can earn a good name from your suggestion.

 The people working in the construction company are more and the engineers are few so that all the engineers are respected by the people according to their knowledge and position.

 In this research opportunities, new materials, experiments, and new technologies are always updated.  It's a lot of fun to work with.


 Disadvantages of Civil Engineering

 Being a civil engineering, you have to work outdoors most of the time.  Sometimes work has to be done even in the harsh sun, you have to go to a deserted area away from the city and do the work related to your project.

 It is very difficult to get work in the initial phase of the job, because one needs experienced men, no one wants to be taught about the new Nener.

 You must have often seen and heard that the newly constructed pool broke or the new road which was built soon got potholes.  In such a situation, the engineer working in it is to blame.  This brings a lot of slander.

 In our country India, the right to take out civil work is organized by the government.  Because of which the work that should be done is not possible.

 Students who are of good merit, they mostly choose other branch instead of civil, due to this the boys of other branch get more salary than this.


 In Short

 Today, there is no shortage of engineers in India, every year lakhs of engineers complete their course and get the degree of engineer, that's why we told today what is civil engineering.

 And at the same time it must have been understood that what is the work of civil engineering.  Who does not want to get good money after completing studies, that is why we have also given information here about how much is the salary of a civil engineer.  Around us we see new house designs, streets, and pools and use them every day.  These make us very easy.

 We also told you what are the advantages and disadvantages of civil engineering.  Many people often also think that if they become an engineer, then what work they have to do.  We have tried to answer all these questions to you through this post.  If you have any question, you can ask in the comment box.  We will try our best to answer your questions, if you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also.


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