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 What is a PDF Document File How to Create It ?


How to make PDF in mobile - PDF document file creation

How to create PDF file in mobile As you all know nowadays all the work is being done online with digital technology.  Now all the work is being done sitting at home with mobile phone internet, whether it is sending e-mails, shopping or knowing about the news happening in the world.

  In this episode sometimes we read the need to convert our document file to PDF.  We will tell you in this post what is a PDF file?  Will tell about the benefits of PDF file, as well as try to know how to convert photo image to PDF . How to make document PDF file. How to make Powerpoint file as PDF file. and most importantly how to make PDF file in mobile phone.

What is PDF File

PDF is a file format. The full name of PDF is Portable Document File Portable Document File (PDF).  

Which turns your file into a portable file such as a text file, photos, and a Word document into a readable document.

  After this you can send your PDF file anywhere with the help of internet and read it.  

But to read PDF file, you must have PDF Reader Software, only then you can open this file, how to create PDF file in smartphone.

Benefit of PDF File

The advantages of PDF file are many like we can open PDF file in any device like computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet.  

Adobe Reader software comes to open PDF file which is absolutely free.  The size of the PDF file is very small, there is a facility to send the PDF file in Internet mail etc.

 Apart from this, easy option is given to print it.

How to Create PDF File in Smartphone

Now we will know here the important facts of this article about how to create PDF file in smartphone.  

Nowadays we can easily do computer related work in smartphones.  We get many features in our smartphone.  

Now we can make any file in our mobile phone as PDF file.  To create PDF file in mobile, you have to use an app.  

Will tell about 2 apps that make PDF in mobile, which is a free app.  You can convert any file image etc from mobile to PDF by using this application.  

Let's know about the apps of how to create PDF in mobile.

PDF Creator

You can make PDF any file from your smartphone through PDF Creator App.  It is very easy to use, follow the steps below to use PDF Creator.  

 Step 1- After installing, open the app, open the given + icon.  

 Step 2- Now if you want to convert any text to PDF then select Standard PDF.   

Step 3- Apart from this, if you want to convert image to PDF, then select Image PDF. 

  Step 4- By going to the file name option, type the name with which you want to create PDF, now OK it.  

 Step 5- Now a text editor box will open in front of you, so you can do whatever text you want to add in the text.  You can also copy a file from another place and paste it here.  

 Step 6- Here you also have to put an image in the middle of the text, then you can do that too.  For this, you go to the image icon and select the image, apart from this you will also get other options like text color font color, so that you can design your PDF file.   

Step 7- After this, go to the I icon to save your PDF file. 

  Step 8- Now go to the given PDF icon, your PDF file will be saved.

   Step 9- After this, if you want to share your created PDF file, then select the option of share. 

  Step 10- In this way you can make PDF any document file in your smartphone with PDF creator app.

Web to PDF

We can also convert our document files from mobile phone to PDF through Web to PDF app.  For this you have to install this app on your smartphone.  After installing, follow the steps given below-

 Step 1- After installing the app, open it.

Step 2- After opening the app, you will get a box here, in that box you have to add the website link, the web page you want to make PDF, then touch on the convert button given. 

  Step 3- After waiting for some time, your PDF file will be ready.  Here you get three options, Open Share and Continue, out of which you can share the file with the Share option.  




 Note – Here for your information, let us tell you that through this app you can make PDF of web page of any website only.  No text photo image Here in the box mentioned above in the above step, you use the link of the page of the website that you want to make a PDF, if you use the address of the entire website, then it would take a lot of time.  Therefore, type only the link of the page which you want to make PDF.

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