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College Physics - Physics and Astronomy 

College Physics - Physics and Astronomy

What is the meaning of physics?

 What is substance?  Matter is said to be the object which has weight and surrounds the area, it is called matter, this means that there are substances from earth to dust and soil.

 Anything that does not have weight cannot be called matter.  Matter can neither be created nor destroyed in any way, it can only be changed from one state to another.

 What is energy?

 Energy is the ability to do work, without energy no work is possible.  Energy can neither be created nor wasted, it can only be converted from one form to another.

 In terms of the definition of physics, what is the relationship between matter and energy?

 Newton and Einstein are considered the father of physics, both of them are considered to be the father.  We will try to tell you this.

 The product of force and displacement is called work or energy.  If a force is applied to any object and it gets displaced, then it is said that due to energy, it got motion, this knowledge has been explained by Newton in his law of motion.

 In E equal to mc square, Einstein clearly explained how matter is converted into energy.  The concept of both the fathers of physics clearly shows that there is a relationship between matter and energy.  In the physics we study today, we have to study matter and energy.

 Mechanical, sound, hit, electric and light energy etc. originate from matter.  The philosophy of energy generation to use is studied in physics.  Physics today is divided into classical physics and modern physics.

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